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Who am I?

Degree in Social Sciences from Universidade Aberta; Licensed in French by Alliance Française;

Graduated in Macrobiotics from the institutes: Michio Kushi (Portugal and Switzerland) and Princípio Único (Brazil).

Winner of Climathon 2019, Sustainable Food in Torres Vedras, with the project “E-Co-Food,

Circular Vitality ”, in partnership with the associations“ Life with Earth ”and“ Girl Move ”.

At the same time, I am an active member of the Municipal Exchange Association (ASSIM), the Royal Confraria do Carnaval and the Toastmasters.

We are a family owned and operated business.

In search of a healthier, independent, artistic and fun study, I practice and teach Vitalizing and Educational Cuisine since 1987.

My life project is to act, every day of my life, in a healthy global and very happy way, of internal ecology from food, to physical exercise, to the positive way of thinking and everything else that can compose this globality ecological.

On this page, more than recipes I intend to share tips, strategies and of course, publicize my cooking classes and the good food I make for family, friends and admirers of my life project.

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