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Soaked Rice Cream

This is a super cream, super delicious, super digestive and super easy to make.

It can be taken as:

- Breakfast;

- Soup (with more water and mixed vegetables);

- appetizer (in the form of pudding (accompanied with vegetables);

- Dessert (with fruit syrup, or others).

- Rice milk (see recipe here)

You can have other cereals mixed or even replace rice with millet, for example.

And everything else that our imagination and criterion allows.

Why is it called Soaked Rice Cream?

Because the rice is soaked for at least 12 hours, grounded and cooked in water and salt. It would be, roughly speaking, to cook “soaked” flour.

Normally I beat the rice in a blender, but, from time to time, to remember my times at Restaurant Satori in Brasil, by professor Tomio Kikuchi, I grind it in the cereal mill that I talk to you about so much and with which I grind cooked brown rice to make pizza dough, waffles, rice cakes and many other wonderful recipes created by master Bernadette Kikuchi.

It is clear that when beating the rice in the blender we will have the least good factor, of the interference of the electric energy in our organism, as with the electric stoves.

And when grinding in the mill, it not only does the cream become more Vitalizing, but we also Vitalize and exercise when moving the mill.

But we must have the humility to put things in perspective and see what it is possible for us to choose at each moment of our lives and that it is preferable to eat a ground cream in a blender than not to eat any cream at all.

Although this cream is more yin than a cream made from a rice porridge on presser cook that was then ground in a blender or passevite (in which the fibrous is removed and benefits people with digestion problems) it is very regenerating and so I try to consume it at least 2 times a month and alternating with other creams or cereal soup that I have presented to you as the oatmeal cooking for 12 hours. (see recipe here)

But this cream and other cereal creams, in my point of view, do not dispense a good cooked brown rice in which, among other benefits, we apply the mastication exercise that is so important for the strengthening of our brain and teeth.

Regarding the seasonings we should do it for breakfast with soy sauce or umeboshi vinegar.

But this seasoning must be soft because it was already been cooked with salt and above all because the ideal is that the cream should be slightly seasoned so that you can feel the sweetness, a property that exists in the cereal.

I do not recommend for breakfast adding to this cream sweet elements such as rice jam, dried fruits, etc. as they are very yin, devitalizing. If you want to do it, make it as a dessert, for tee time, or as a snack.

Another issue in this dish is whether or not we use the water to soak. I leave it to your criteriom.

Let me explain: For those who do not know, rice, among other components, contains arsenic and this, in turn, is used in large doses as a pesticide.

For some people the amount of arsenic in rice, if it is organic, is harmless, if it is not organic, it becomes toxic. For other people, it is toxic anyway and so they always soaked the rice for 12 hours and then they pour the water away. That is why I tell you that it is up to you, what will make sense to you, what is your truth.

But enough talk and let's go to the recipe:

Soaked Rice Cream Recipe

200ml of rice

1 liter of water

1 teaspoon salt

Soak the rice in 400ml of water for 24 hours. Beat the rice well in a blender (with the soaked water or a new 400ml water).

Meanwhile, the rest of the water is already simmering in a pan with the salt. When this water boils, add the beaten rice, stirring quickly so as not to create lumps and stir until it starts to boil.

Then lower the heat, place a diffuser plate under the pan, half covered (if we close it completely, it may overflow) and let it cook for at least 1 hour. The more you cook the more digestive it becomes. This cream is fantastic for children and convalescents.

Soaked rice cream soup

1 recipe of soaked rice cream

Hot water until the soup has the desired consistency

1 medium leek cut into 4mm cubes

100gr of black turnip cut into 4mm cubes

100gr diced sweet potatoes

Parsley, or chives

Sesame oil or other

Vegetables: Heat the pan, put 1 dessert spoon of sesame oil and spread it out. Place the leek and let it air for a while. Pack and layer a turnip and then another sweet potato. Place and 1 pinch of salt.

Cook over low heat. When it is 80% cooked it is mixed and seasoned with a little soy sauce, and refined a little more.

Add the vegetables to the cream, let it cook a little more and serve.

Serve with the chosen aromatic herb (optional)

Good and Vitalizing Appetite

Paula Perdigão

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