Soaked Rice Cream

This is a super cream, super delicious, super digestive and super easy to make.

It can be taken as:

- Breakfast;

- Soup (with more water and mixed vegetables);

- appetizer (in the form of pudding (accompanied with vegetables);

- Dessert (with fruit syrup, or others).

- Rice milk (see recipe here)

You can have other cereals mixed or even replace rice with millet, for example.

And everything else that our imagination and criterion allows.

Why is it called Soaked Rice Cream?

Because the rice is soaked for at least 12 hours, grounded and cooked in water and salt. It would be, roughly speaking, to cook “soaked” flour.

Normally I beat the rice in a blender, but, from time to time, to remember my times at Restaurant Satori in Brasil, by professor Tomio Kikuchi, I grind it in the cereal mill that I talk to you about so much and with which I grind cooked brown rice to make pizza dough, waffles, rice cakes and m