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Is it normal Always Having Cold Feet?

"So-and-so is cold foot!" - it means that you are unlucky, afraid, scared. Popular sayings have their wisdom. So what is the real reason for this expression?

Is it normal to have cold feet?

The human being has an incredible ability to adapt to the hardships of life. And above all “to push the problems with the belly”, to circumvent the situations without actually solving them, at the risk of aggravating them more and more.

Having cold feet is actually a sign of the body that the energy is not circulating as it should and this deficiency can affect us physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Symptoms such as sadness, fear of tiredness, headaches, weak hair, genito-urinary problems, loose intestines, etc. can be a consequence of the chronic situation of having cold feet, which many consider normal.

In the specific case of women, she needs even more to keep her feet warm to protect her uterus (because the organs are all connected and we are a whole).

The body is wise and is constantly giving us signals, but unfortunately the vast majority of us have already lost that sensitivity, that internal dialogue, that intuition.

In this specific case, when we constantly have cold feet, the body is screaming that there is a lot of moisture in the body, the energy is stagnant and that certain organs are affected.

"So what can I do to change my condition?"

Some of you may be asking right now.

In most cases, with very simple steps we were able to change this condition in a very short time.

These are simple but profound and definitive steps and not tips or “little tricks” that promise miracles without any internal work, or changing habits:

- Change eating habits - There is an excessive consumption of consumption of extreme products. Dry, salt / humid, sugar at the expense of foods that really warm and strengthen us;

- Change the sedentary life to a more physically active life with exercises appropriate to the needs and tastes of each one;

- Breathing exercises;

- Homemade treatments like scalding feet with hot water and ginger

- Change some dressing habits, especially in winter. Incredible as it may seem, in some cases, even the healthiest and most efficient way of dressing has been overlooked at the expense of fashion and the low price:

• Wearing woolen or cotton clothes instead of cheap fibers that not only don't heat up, they block our energy

• Protect the kidney and abdomen area

• Footwear, warm wool or cotton socks, warm boots with a medium-high upper with an insulating sole.

As you can see, having cold feet is a sign of ill health. Now a person without health, with acidified blood, depressed, sad, has less ability to reason, less intuitive ability to perceive the environment that surrounds him, “it is a full plate to be unlucky in life”, to be lacking in condition to face life's difficulties.

"Ah but I have cold feet and I don't feel any of that!"

Some of you may think when reading this article. It may even be true, but it may also mean that health problems exist but are not visible and that sooner or later, in one way or another, they will be reflected.

These are some of the items that I talk about in my Lectures, Mentoring and Vitalizing Cooking Classes and that surely help people to take charge of their lives, their health and of course, in this case, to keep their feet warm.

Vitalizing embrace

Paula Perdigão

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