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Immunizing Grain Oat Cream

Today I am going to present you a fantastic recipe, I am going to talk to you about the powerful porridge in grain that cooks for 8 to 10 hours.

In this society in which we always live searching for immediate solutions, it is essential to wake up to reality, to the need to be “vaccinated every day”, at all times.

I am referring to a Healthy Vitalizing lifestyle whose roots, in my view, is Healthy, Vital food that I talk about in my posts so much.

Cereals, especially grains, have great potential to help us to strengthen our immunity. The grains germinate even if they have been stored for a long time, and the flakes and flour, they lose some of their vitality and oxidize over time.

Practically everyone knows the oat porridge in flakes and many eat it for breakfast, unfortunately in a sweet version. But that is another topic to a new post.

The oat in grain in slow cooking allows the grain to open, its skin to come undone and develop a fantastically appetizing and satiating creaminess.

It can be taken more concentrated for breakfast, with more water and with vegetables in the form of soup, as a milk or as a base for a cake.

For breakfast I suggest a thick porridge, seasoned (in the bowl) with a little umeboshi vinegar or soy sauce).

Whole grain porridge recipe

200ml of whole grain oats

1200ml of water (or more)

1 shallow teaspoon of sea salt

Soak the oats for 12 hours (optional)

Add all the ingredients. With the pan half covered to prevent it from overflowing, place it on a minimum fire (if possible with

a diffuser plate under the pan) and cook for 8 to 10 hours.

This porridge can be cooked during the day from early in the morning, while we are at home, all night long if you have confidence in your stove or to cook in a electric slow cooker at 90 degrees.

The grains will come apart and the porridge will be very creamy. If you wish, you can grind the porridge or pass it in the pass-vite to remove the film (for cases of weakened digestive system.)

This dish is best suited for winter.

At the end, open the pot, serve a good bowl of this “delicacy of the gods”, add a few flecks of umeboshi vinegar or shoyu, mix the seasoning, take a porridge spoon, put it in your mouth, chew it well and insalivate well.

“Get vaccinated in a Vitalizing and Everyday way”!

A Vitalizing day for you

Paula Perdigão

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